I saw red stain on my baby\’s gland, is it blood? 

Particularly in hot weather, sweaty babies, urine water rate is reduced because urate crystals will leave the pink color of the jade and the cloth. Touch your finger with its tip, you feel like it is scattered like sand. It\’s not blood, you do not have to be scared. Give plenty of water to the babies who drink water, if you only absorb them, drink plenty of water for the mothers. It is common in the first week after birth.

 – How many times a day should my baby be pooped? 

Moment sucking, weight gain enough baby in the first weeks of the day can be defecated up to 8 times a day. The number of stools in the baby that has completed 1 month is reduced, it can return day after day.

 My baby is vomiting after breastfeeding, is this a problem?

Vomiting in the form of overflow can be seen in infants who are adequately fed with breast milk and gain weight. The baby reflux can last up to 18 months. If the person does not get enough weight, then it can be interfered with medications. Otherwise simple reflux protection measures will suffice. We do not tilt for 30 minutes after breastfeeding, such as giving a slope of up to 45 degrees with the help of a pillow, so that it is not in the same plane as the mouth and the pussy. 

Should I drink water for my baby? 

The maternal water content is enough that your baby will not feel thirsty. However, in very hot weather and to prevent thrush formation in your mouth, you can give the boiled water 1 teaspoon of boiled water after each feeding. 

Can breastfeeding mothers paint hair? 

As well as the health of your babies, the health of our mothers is also important to us. You can also breastfeed your baby while you are breastfeeding, which is thought to be good for the psychological well-being of our annaeses, but it will be more appropriate if you prefer not to get too close to your hair and organic paint.

 – Will Anneler\’s babies gas up? 

Although there is widespread belief in this issue, there is no definitive information to support it in publications. If your parents take care of themselves, this can negatively affect your breastfeeding period. It is noticed that because of the false beliefs in our society, the mothers have moved away from a balanced diet and have put their own health in danger. 

My baby is very sweating, is this abnormal? 

Babies may sweat too much to soothe their mothers\’ arms during sucking activity. Or it could be enough to soak up the pillowcases while sleeping. The head-to-body ratio of babies is higher in favor of the head than in adults. This means that most of the blood circulation and metabolic activity is here. So it can be sweating too. Some families may be very sweating genetically. In this case, the sweating of your baby will be natural. Thyroid disorders are the most important diseases that may be related to sweating. Thyroid disorders can be recognized within the first 15 days due to the tests included in the National Screening Program. You do not need to be afraid if your Family Physician did not return for the heel blood test. 

Will there be fires in every episode? Should I drink syrup before going to vaccination? 

The combined vaccine administered during the 2nd, 4th, 6th and 18th months has the possibility of fever. This probability is further increased at repeated doses. However, there is no rule that every baby will fire. Pre-vaccination fever-reducing syrups have been shown to reduce the effectiveness of vaccination. For this reason, there is no need to drink syrup unless there is a fever. 

What causes redness on my baby\’s cheeks? 

As a result of being touched on the cheek cheeks, the sugar in the cigarette contents can cause deep irritation. This can lead to redness and crusting in babies with particularly sensitive skin. If there is an allergic genetic background in the family, it is more likely to be. You need to moisten your cheek skin with a good baby face lotion. Drug-containing ointments can also be used with the advice of your doctor if the skin starts to increase and spread. 

– Why does my child have pain in his legs?

 Children may have pain in both legs below the knee, especially during ages 3-5, especially during fast lengthening periods. Children often wear their legs to their mothers. Also known as growth pain. Findings that suggest a problem; swelling in the joints, weight loss in the last 3 months and at night. Is there normal wheat since my baby was born? Babies have nasal cannulae and the upper airways are narrow, so that when breathing in and out of the standing position, breathing air can make a grunting sound as the breathing air passes through the narrow channel. Check your nose is not blocked. You can drop saline physiologically intermittently. Do not use an aspirator unless there is obvious obstruction. Do not worry if your pediatrician does not say that it is a problem after you have listened to your baby\’s lungs, as the baby grows, the wheezing will go through in the months. However, if there is enough wheeze to worry you can also consult your Ear Nose Throat Specialist. 

– Can we use a walker? 

Using a walker is not something we highly recommend. He can delay walking alone. He can curl in the legs. Excessive pressure may occur in the testes of male children. However, you can use it during the day in 10-15 minute intervals after getting the support without seating (average 8th month) so that the babies who are constantly lapping can get some rest or a little rest. Keep in mind that the use of walkers increases the number of house accidents. My baby is making green poo, is this normal? Babies fed with breast milk