Babies fed only breast milk at 6 months; formula and breastfeeding infants in the sixth month; it is necessary to start additional food in the sixth month in infants fed only with formula.

                              You can not go on a mix of food. For starter yogurt and fruit masks are suitable. Fruits should be picked from fresh fruit found in green grass looms that season. It can be started with a half of a ripe fruit.

                              Then the individual exercises are passed. The example below can find 2-3 weeks to reach the list. You have to eat your baby until 1 year old, eggs white, cow / goat’s milk, honey and salt. Salt should be tried to be introduced in childhood as much as possible.

                              To be able to have breakfast, her mother must have not sucked her mother at least 2 hours before she woke up.

                              When you try a food that you have not tried before for the first time, make it a single trial for every day.

                              When you try the egg yolk for the first time, you first eat the whole egg yolk by the end of a week, then by the tip of the tea spoon and then by the quarter and then the half. Without any allergic reaction, you can safely eat an egg yolk every morning.



2-3 baby biscuits (ready or preferably homemade)

2/3 tea glass to be wet with breast milk or baby food

½ banana

1 tea spoon molasses

1 sweet spoon lobster cheese / unsalted lor

1 boiled egg yolk (chicken or quail)

3-4 pieces of crushed walnut or hazelnut is mixed with crushed.

Search Meal: Fruit juice

1 or ½ medium season fruit

apple / banana / peach / pear etc

prepared with glass planer


Vegetable soup

1 medium size potato (cubed)

1 orta boy havuç (küp doğranmış)

1 medium carrot (cubed)

1 teaspoon of boiled water with water.

Add 1 sweet spoon of olive oil.

Do not add salt or tomato paste to taste, ½ teaspoon sugar can be added.

It is crushed by a plow.

* 2 meatballs can be made with roast at the beginning.

** In order to enrich it, after 7 months, add 1 sweet spoon lentil / rice / bulgur / semolina.

Tarhana soup

3 sweet spoon painless tarhana

It is dissolved with 1 glass of water

1 teaspoon olive oil and 2 roasted meatballs (oil-free) is poured on top of the beef. (no salt)

Search Meal: Yogurt

Add 4 spoonfuls of powder to 100ml of water (or with breast milk)

1 sweet spoon mixed with yogurt

it is covered and left to ferment for 3-4 hours without moving.

Before going to bed


1 cup water (150ml)

2 sweet spoon rice flour

1 cooked with spoon molasses (boiled grape juice).

After that, 5 parts of powdered food is thoroughly mixed.

(water and powder can be made with breast milk instead of formula)