Constipation is a difficult situation in childhood treatment. Untreated constipation can lead to loss of appetite, blood clots, painful stools, and eventually kidney failure. It is possible that you will encounter a disruption in your family.

In a child with long constipated constipation, the baby has a crack in the mouth. This leads to pain while stooling. The child avoids the stool to escape from the pain. He keeps his cue.

The retained coke becomes hard and deepens the cracks as it exits. The process enters the vicious loop.

It may be thought that a child who starts to catch a kidney has constipation for at least 6 months.

The accumulated poo begins to cover the last intestinal walls, expanding this area. Loss of consciousness in the last bowel, and the ability of the anus to contract temporarily is lost. This causes the poisoning to be missed. It is seen that the underwear is constantly fouled. The boy going to the school starts to live a hard time in collecting. This affects psychology. Because of this sometimes unrecognized situation, the parents apply the punishment method, which is one of the biggest mistakes.

The treatment of insomnia is very difficult and requires the cooperation of family and specialist doctors. Treatment success can be achieved after a long period of time. The failures that can be experienced in this period can cause the family to get desperate. Acceptance and living with constipation occur. Or the long treatment process can cause the family to worry about \”how much more of these drugs will you use?\” However, this vicious cycle can be broken with patience.

In addition to medication, nutrition, exercise and sitting bath are applied together.

As a rule, enema is not applied to the child who has constipation. The child with a crack in the mouth will feel great pain and the existing crack will deepen.

Drugs: First, drainage treatment with musil is applied. 3 times a day, 1 spoon, mixed with the drink is given. All the hard cracks in the corner are taken out. After the first 3 days the child will be worn out and this treatment will be discontinued. During this time, plenty of water is provided.

Mucilin (4th day) is followed by Kaka softening syrup. It starts with 1 scale in the morning and evening. But; the daily dose of soft poison is set at home. Some days it may be necessary to give 2 scales, 3 scales. This medicine does not interfere with blood, so it\’s okay to give too much. Or, if the poo is lukewarm, the dose is reduced. Different doses may be needed every day. Using the same dose every day for a long time is also a cause of treatment failure. When such order is established, treatment will continue for at least 6 weeks. If there is a period in which the treatment is not performed for 3 days, or if the treatment is as hard as before, the initial treatment of müsil is used again for 2 days. However, the 6-week process starts from the beginning. From the beginning of the treatment to the last crack creams will continue to be twice a day. 2 cream is squeezed into the palm by the size of lentil, and it is put on the butt hole as if it is gnarled.

Nutrition: In the treatment of constipation, medicines alone are not enough. Contrary to what is known among the people, feeding with watery food does not soften the cookie. You need to be fed with fibrous food. Whole-grain bread instead of white bread, bulgur pilaf instead of rice pilaf, salad next to every meal, should be fed with fruit every day.

Exercise: Tell your child to go to the toilet 30 minutes after each meal. \”No kakam.\” Make sure that even the patient will sit in the toilet for 10-15 minutes. During this time you can play. Please let this employee finally get up. Take care not to leave your feet in the air when you sit down. Either choose a potty suitable for your age or put a suitable stool under the closet. You will need to take power from your feet while your abdominal muscles are crawling. In this exercise, is to learn how to catch the gastrocolic reflex that provides post-meal defecation.

Sitting Banyosu: For cracks in the pop-up, sit in a warm water bowl 10 times a day twice a day.

If you have a crying child who sweats across your legs, hides behind the seat when you\’re going to Kaka; If you have begun to miss the heckle shackle, we advise you to apply to your pediatrician quickly before considering the psychological reasons.