The big problem with the family: The child without appetite!

The loss of appetite for children, a source of deep concern for parents today, constitutes a significant part of the outpatient applications.

In the minds, there are often questions such as, \”Does my child feed adequately?\”, \”Can growth reach its development potential?\”.

This problem should be regarded as a collective problem because it can lead even to family discomforts.

First of all, it is to determine whether the problem to be followed is true. However, even if the children are fully nutritionally dependent on their age and needs, their families may not be able to satisfy these amounts. In this case, it is important to understand the age and weight of the child\’s weight and weight measurements in detail and understand the daily nutrition of the child. At least one weekly list that the parents keep by specifying the quantity-measure is very useful for directing the process.

It should not be forgotten that the stomach capacities of children are low. It is therefore very important that the masts are not filled with useless or low utility food. At the beginning of the most important causes closing the appetite; high in sugar or salt content, with a junk-meal meaning garbage-food which creates a sense of saturation. These generally include all kinds of chips, cakes, biscuits, confectionery and chocolates in the package we call \”grocery shopping\”. The prices are appropriate, the children are thought to be happy, and the \”happy family\” is pushing families to buy these foods. Even if parents are determined not to take them, it is difficult for them to break into stable behavior by involving big relatives due to the Turkish family structure.

The problem of mistakes made in the nutrition of the poor without appetite further complicates the problem. If this error is given as an example, it can be said that the home is given care to cook the food that the child eats. Only the proportion of these children who are fed with pasta, rice, French fries and between breads is quite high. Another unusual error is that the liquid feeding is too much. You should not be surprised at the feeling of saturation if it is thought that the children of children who are fed too much milk or juice during the day are filled with these volumes. Excessive consumption of cow milk leads to hemorrhage from the bowels at the same time causing iron deficiency; it is also known that this unhealthy afterglow is also the main cause of loss of appetite. It should not be forgotten that the daily consumption of milk by our children should be no more than 500 ml.

In the infancy, to start the solid food late, to feed the food through the machine for a long time to bring to the consistency of mash, to give an invitation to a childhood without appetite.

Family discomfort can also lead to loss of appetite in children. Controversy between parents or between parents and children can lead to the loss of appetite for children as a way of expressing themselves. In order to prevent these problems, children should be kept away from uneasiness among the spouses and given small responsibilities in the home, the children will be able to contribute to this process as much as they can while preparing the meal, which will increase the self-confidence and reduce the need for negative expression. It should be avoided that the eating should take place at the table, that it is a natural process of life, and that it should be tried to be felt by the child he ate only for himself, as a fighting game, a battle environment. At meal times, if possible, a family table should be occupied, trying to create a positive environment, after a while; for example 30 min; it must be raised in the cradle. At the end of this work, the child should try not to see whether he has finished eating. The anxiety of not eating the child\’s food should not be reflected to the child as much as possible.

In addition, we should try to give our child, whose stomach capacity is limited, one of the useful nutrients needed in one day. If we can offer this macaroni on a plate or a cheese dish, we will have the protein that will provide growth and development besides carbohydrate that will meet your short energy need. Or we can have our kids who do not like meat, pies, different shapes of köfteler, home burgers. We can cook spinach mash, cabbage soup in our child who does not like vegetables. At least one egg each day, a bowl of yogurt; at least three meatballs a week, red meat, at least two plates of vegetables; a portion of lamb liver once a month; we can drink a glass of honey milk when we are sleeping at night and we can feel comfortable that we can eat the foods we need for growth and development. Tarhana soup, one of the greatest blessings we have in particular, should be ignored if hele is cooked with minced meat and it is a wonderful source of food as well as children in the age of growth.

Organic causes that can lead to loss of appetite should be excluded, existing constipation should be treated, hormonal problems should be revealed. Therefore; it should not be forgotten that children who are thought to have no appetite should be absolutely evaluated by the Child Health and Disease Specialists.


Child Health and Disease Specialist