Mother\’s milk is the healing of every baby. It is necessary for healthy growth and development at the same time. For this reason, the dads are the best chance for every baby if you are angry with me. The milk of each mother\’s own mother is most useful to her. One of the miraculous characteristics of the mother is that the content can change according to the needs of her own baby. For example; because the placenta is not able to develop in the womb due to aging, the infants born with low birth weight are more likely than the other infants to have the protein content of the mother\’s milk. It is so miraculous that; even the characteristic of every puddle that flows during the same breastfeeding is different. For example, in the first minutes of a lactation, primarily water and protein-containing milk is secreted, while the fat content at the end of the lactation is greater. Thus, the baby sucking short is not thirsty and does not get back on its development, the long sucking baby will feel more saturation and the time of hunger will be prolonged.

When I first read about its effects on immunity, I can not describe my feelings towards mother-in-law, the frustration I am experiencing when I learn the secrets of this miracle. Tell me it does not end. If bacteria are viruses, they are defense systems against all microorganisms as fungi. Oligosaccharides, interleukins, direct killing systems are available.

Babies have multiple miraculous effects in brain development and in increasing visual acuity. Taurine contains palmitic acid and oleic acid.

The mechanism of providing growth is both with the energy it gives and with a variety of growth factors that are secreted.

But there\’s still a lot to explore. One of the last miracles discovered as part of the investigation is finding a special protein that kills cancer cells in the mother\’s milk. This protein is called \”HAMLET\” protein. It is such a protein; can distinguish cancerous cells with intact cells. He\’s killing the cell that\’s likely to cause problems.

It would be a mistake to keep such a miraculous product of life from our babies.

Will every mother have milk? Can everyone nurse their baby? Is breast milk enough for every baby? The answer to these questions is probably yes. I mean, it\’s very unlikely to happen. All the kilograms taken during the pregnancy are waiting to be transformed into suites after your baby is born. If you consume an average of 3 liters of fluid a day, arrange your sleep, believe in yourself, and if you suggest yourself that \”I will breastfeed your baby,\” other individuals in your family will also support you in this matter and encourage you to do so. In other words, the father, the grandmother, the aunt-halalara big business falls.

Those who have trouble with the breast structure, those who have nipple sucking can also suck their babies. A good brand silicone nozzle adapter can be used until the nipple is fully out and the baby\’s neck is tightened. Be careful when buying from affordable silicones that are common in the market. When baby silicone is absorbed, it is necessary for the mother to completely fill the cavity of the nipple and to stick to the nipple tissue in a negative pressure. In the beginning, milking can be done to remove the nozzle with the pump. It is necessary to wash at least once a day to wash and install after every breastfeeding to pay attention to the cleanliness of this silicone part.

Make sure that the baby\’s lower lip is facing outward for successful breastfeeding, and that the entire dark part of the mother\’s breast is in the baby\’s mouth. Do not mark the scissors with your fingers. Your baby\’s nose is clogged and if you do not breathe it will already suck. Shearing can lead to blockage in milk channels, milk flow rate can be reduced. Your baby\’s swallowing after each sucking motion, sucking and calming after sucking, after each sucking the sound of the guts of the outside is heard from the outside in the form of gurgling or defecation is the sign that the sucker comes and even sucks. Obtaining the expected weight of your baby is the definitive proof that you can afford to lose weight. Babies born prematurely will lose weight in the first days. However, this loss rate should not exceed 10% of the birth weight. Especially in the summer months, infants born too late should be kept under control of the ambient temperature, which is important for fluid loss. The infant who reaches birth again within 7-10 days of birth should get approximately 30g per day for the first 3 months. Roughly 200-250g per week, ie a monthly weight increase of 1 kg means that the baby is fed enough. Especially in the 15th, when the gas gangs reached the highest level, the unrest in the babies could cause the hunger to get hungry and give food unnecessarily.

Do not start eating as long as your doctor recommends. The mothers of the mothers who give birth only by cesarean intervention can only go down to 4 days until the hormonal balance is fully attained. For this reason, in the first days your chest is empty, your baby is restless, the number of defecation is low, and you can start wasting your baby if you notice wrinkling on your baby\’s skin. However, the most important point here is to feed the potatoes with the spoon. As a result, babies do not get used to food, they get used to pepper.

During this period, mothers will need to be assisted in resting, sleeping and breastfeeding.

One of the most asked questions; how much care their mother should take care of. People are accused of believing that almost every food nourishes babies. However, there is not a close connection between the mother\’s cravings and the baby\’s gas.

The mother\’s pill can benefit from foods that can be further increased. All vegetables with green leaves are useful in this regard. Cumin and fennel are the best known breast milk supporters. To increase quality, 1 egg, a handful of almonds / hazelnuts should be consumed each day. Legumes also increase the milk, but since the mother can make gas, the consumption amounts must be adjusted according to the person. Now, malt beverages can be found in markets very widely. Again alcohol-free beer increases milk. It is beneficial to avoid the caffeine-containing foods. They can also benefit from milk teas sold in pharmacies.

Mothers may have cracks at the time of mispositioning and initial adaptation. Mothers can avoid breastfeeding because they become painful. But it should also be known that; it is also possible to continue breastfeeding at the appropriate position in the treatment of the nipple crack. You should get help with creams that can be removed from your physician.

The mother\’s milk secretion is achieved through the collaboration of prolactin and oxytocin hormones. Prolactin increases the amount of serotonin in the brain and helps mothers feel happier. So to breastfeed is an antidepressant for mothers at the same time. This interesting hormone has another effect. Because they can relapse amnesia, they can cause their mothers to forget the troubles they have experienced during breastfeeding and baby enlargement and to be enthusiastic about having babies again.

As I said at the beginning; my mother grows more and more admirable.

It will feed your baby, protect it from microorganisms, increase its intellect, increase your visual acuity, and protect your baby from cancer!

Görkem Astarcıoğlu

Child Health and Disease Specialist